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Sudan music 2019 nashida

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Would be great for travel documentaries, film about the Arab world, ethnical trips, political situation issue, the culture of such countries as Turkey, UAE or Iran.Before then, there had been decades of conflict between Sudan's predominantly Arabic population in the north, which practices Islam, and the black population in the south, which practices Christianity and various African religions. South Sudan has a rich tradition of folk music that reflects the diverse cultures of the region.

For example, folk music of the Dinka people includes poetry, while the Azande are known, apart from the many other traditions and beliefs, for storytelling that often features a figure of a good wizard. South Sudanese music draws on sub-Saharan rhythms — often six-beat, three-against-two patterns — and modal or pentatonic melodies, along with the gleaming lines of Congolese-style electric guitars.

Vocal styles arrived from two directions, namely Arabic-style glides and quavers, echoed by the strings, or African leaps and exhortations. Countries neighbouring South Sudan heavily influenced the country's culture. This is due to years of civil war that led to the flight of many South Sudanese to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, where they interacted with the locals and learnt their languages and culture.

However, those who remained in the country, or went north to Sudan and Egypt, assimilated the Arabic culture.

Bach gavotte en rondeau

In the early s, the Sudanese government destroyed recordings of important cultural artefacts to create space for propaganda. This included the destruction of unique tapes by Southern Sudanese artists such as Yousif Fataki.

During this period only Islamic songs were played legally, which resulted in the exclusion of secular and gospel music. Many secular South Sudanese musicians such as hip hop artist Mangar Azuma, who is popularly known as Lawless YB, used to attend church and listen to Christian songs. Azuma also used to read literature about Islamic faith.

Sudanese Nasheed

Artists like Azuma were therefore influenced simultaneously by Islam and Christianity. The development of gospel music in South Sudan is not really clear. However, it can be said with certainty that Christianity was introduced to South Sudan then Sudan around the 2nd century BC when Coptic Christianity reached ancient Nubia.

sudan music 2019 nashida

Southern Sudan now South Sudan remained long dominated by traditional religions of the Nilotic peoples and was largely converted into Anglicanism Episcopal Church of Sudan during the 19th and 20th centuries. Following the destruction of important cultural artefacts, including gospel music in the early s, Christians compiled the popular text Shukuru Yesu Thank You Jesus in the late s. Shukuru Yesu is a hymnbook comprising Juba Arabic and English songs.

It is popularly used at student and youth conferences in South Sudan. The page book comprises hymns in Arabic and hymns in English, and includes indexes and copyright information.

These hymns have been translated into local languages and are well known by young and old Christians.Eyder Peralta. Some of Sudan's biggest protests in decades are demanding that President Omar al-Bashir step down. A song written for an earlier time of discord has emerged as the protesters' anthem.

sudan music 2019 nashida

For more than two months now, protests have raged in Sudan. People are calling for an end to the three-decade rule of President Omar al-Bashir. The anthem of their moment is a song written for an earlier time of discord.

NPR's Eyder Peralta has the story. It usually took Wardi years to compose a song. Yet, this one he'd written quickly. Wardi was exiled from Sudan after Omar al-Bashir took over after a military coup in To Mostapha Sid Ahmed, a Sudanese music fan whose father was an exiled opposition leader, this was a song ahead of its time.

President Bashir was just eight years into power.

The Song Capturing The Heart Of Sudan's Protest Movement

So Wardi sang the song just a few times in concert and only left this ragged recording. And he couldn't help but think about the song these past two months as he watched young people take to the streets demanding democracy and accountability, demanding a better life and facing off with security forces. And he got them together in a studio.

He played them the old song and told them it was time to contribute to the protest movement. Your voice is your weapon. And that's what could reach the whole world, not just the people inside.

The waves are coming for you. The people are marching, and they are saying selim, surrender. PERALTA: Zoozita, the singer, says what came out of her was pain and hope - pain for all the people who have been killed in clashes with security forces, but hope that maybe all of this will make a difference.

And you feel people are - they are not afraid of anything. It begins with mournful verses, but it builds into a fearless confrontation with a dictator.

President Omar al-Bashir was charged with genocide by the International Criminal Court for ordering the massacre of his own people in Darfur, yet he has remained in power. Zoozita says this time it feels different. It's not just the song but the thousands of young people - the women, the poor, the professionals - who have taken to the streets, saying enough is enough. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc.

This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

sudan music 2019 nashida

March 3, AM ET.November 20, Leave a comment. Everyone is welcome to attend and experience the great talent that the Sudanese community has to offer. The festival is a three-day, will provide a curated experience that blends musical performances, an art exhibition and a mural that will showcase some of the best talent with creative collaboration as a central and cross-cutting theme. This event is a strictly a nonpolitical and nonpartisan event, the only aspiration is to support a vibrant Sudan for all.

There will also be a number of other equally impactful social initiatives, such as a blood collection drive to support the Sudanese National Blood Bank in building up reserves as well as an open invitation to donate used books to support an up-and-coming public library.

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To ensure sustained long term impact there will be undertaking a renovation and beautification of the venue to give back to the community.

Also there will be planting of hundreds small trees as a tribute to each of our fallen martyrs and raped victims, to support the environment and to raise awareness about desertification.

The festival will be children-friendly for activities, including the chance to paint alongside the artists. The inaugural event was held in Offenbach, Germany, in July and was a huge success. More information can be found at Sudanesepeacemusicfestival. Future events will be held bi-annually in locations all around Sudan and abroad. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Ezega Entertainment is a vast section that includes thousands of Ethiopian videos, Blog articles, Forums, and Events page, among other things.

Our Ethiopian video collection has new Ethiopian music, Ethiopian news, Ethiopian comedy, Ethiopian drama, Ethiopian film, etc.

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And our Ezega Blogs section has various articles written by experts that may be of interest to you. They deal with health and beauty, career and employment, business, and real estate, to name a few.

Ezega Entertainment brings you high quality, individually selected entertainment videos for you to view from the comfort of your home. Here, you will find Ethiopian Videos for Ethiopia music, current news, drama, comedy, movies, films, etc.

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To check out our latest collection, please click here to go to Ethiopian Music Ethiopian Movies Ethiopian Videos page. Ethiopia has more than 80 languages and ethnic groups. New Ethiopian music is also as diverse as its cultures and languages.

Neighboring countries music is also of great interest to Ethiopians, especially Sudanese music and Eritrean music. Western music has also been popular for decades in Ethiopia music scene. In fact, young Ethiopian music artists have started blending Ethiopia music with western music to create a hybrid Western-Ethiopian music. In the old times, Ethiopian music artists didn't have the proper stage to display their crafts.

They were usually relegated to Azmari Bet or Habesha Bet - small bars in shanty areas.

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Now, Ethiopia has artists performing from Habesha Bet to modern theatres. Some of the Habesha Bet are actually much more modern and big, such as the Habesha in Addis Ababa.

Over the last century, Ethiopia has produced many outstanding musicians. Teddy Afro is considered the leader among the young generation Ethiopian musicians of the new millenium. You can watch Teddy Afro singles here at Ezega Entertainment. The Ethiopian film and Ethiopian movie scene is relatively young. However, the country has seen rapid growth in this area of late, especially in Amharic film.

Most of the well-known films are Amharic film. Ethiopian well-knows actors include, Sayat Demissie, Selam Tesfaye, and Danayit Mekbib, who all have a number of Amharic film in their portfolio. Ethiopia comedy is as old as the country, although mostly in theatres, local entertainment places and local community settings. Over the last decade or so, Ethiopian comedy artists have produced numerous Ethiopia comedy videos in Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromo, etc. Ezega Entertainment selects the best of the best of these videos for you.

To browse our latest collections, please visit our Ethiopian Comedy video category. More and more Ethiopian news today are posted in video format on Youtube. Ethiopian news agencies, Ethiopian government agencies, individual Ethiopian artists, Ethiopian promoters, and Ethiopian websites of various types post Ethiopian videos of different varieties.

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Some are about Ethiopian news today, some are Ethiopian documentaries, and others are promotional video types. Ezega Entertainment selects the most important latest Ethiopian news videos for you. These days, Ethiopian videos of all kinds are found on Youtube.

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Thank you!January 14, Leave a comment. Sudanese music is distinguished by its diversity and richness due to the multiculturalism in Sudan and its history. The wave was founded to promote colonial war against the armies of the Axis Powers in North and East Africa, which is for the first time music received official attention. Ibrahim Al-Kashef and Aisha Al-Fallatieh considered as the first artists to perform their music and songs on the airwaves.

Ibrahim Awad introduced dance music through the use of rhythmic dances and wind blowing machines. The electric guitar and brass instruments enter the country, while the name of the artist Shurhabil Ahmad and his band emerged.

sudan music 2019 nashida

Sudan T. V, which opened inhas also contributed to the development of Sudanese music, especially in the field of music videos. Later became a university affiliated to Sudan University of Science and Technology, which was established in Teachers of music from countries such as Italy and North Korea were brought to teach music materials including solfege. A few bands from foreign countries participate, such as China, Mauritania, the Netherlands, Switzerland and others.

Contemporary Sudanese music consists of four basic musical elements, such as rhythm, melody, distribution, harmony, and vocal character. The Sudanese music industry is always looking forward, which is mean beautiful songs, music plus words. Tambour, ribaba, lute and rhythmic instruments such as al-Daluqa and al-Naqqara among the Baggara tribes in Darfur, Kordofan, Derbke, Zambara. Music In Sudan January 14, Leave a comment. Tunes is scientifically based on the Pentecostal scale.

Popular and traditional music Folk music is diverse in Sudanese cultures and varies from one region to another. V logo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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